Caitlin Brodnick is a performer and member of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre's MAUDE sketch team (212). She performs sketch, standup, and storytelling regularly in New York City and Los Angeles. She is a writer for Her stories have been featured on the MOTH podcast, quoted by the AV Club and The Huffington Post. She is a breast cancer awareness advocate, and she has been invited to speak at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium and various locations in New York City

Caitlin works closely with the organization FORCE, and Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital as a breast cancer awareness advocate, helping to connect with other women who are BRCA positive.

Caitlin created and starred in the docu-series with Condé Nast Entertainment and, Screw You Cancer. Screw You Cancer won a National Magazine Honors Award ASME for excellence in new media. She is also an honoree of the Seventh Annual Television Academy Honors, for using the power of television and video media to bring awareness to important social issues. She is proud to take on the public role as a representative of BRCA testing and cancer prevention.

Caitlin is also a sober living advocate and volunteers with various organizations around the city to help support others working through their addictions. Caitlin lives in New York City with her husband and will probably offer to show you pictures of her puppy.