Comedienne, writer and actor Andrea Ilene Shapiro hails from Long Island, NY where she first began improvising with the short-form team "Second Stage Improv Company" at the Arena Players Theatre. Since then she has gone on to study improv at Upright Citizens Brigade where she met the members of her indie team "Toned and Lean". She currently hosts and produces an all female stand up show called "Saw Her Stand Up There" at Spike Hill in Williamsburg. She also co-hosts the podcast "Puttin' On Your Big Girl Pants" with friend Sarah Elizabeth Grace. She received a BA in acting from Binghamton University. When not telling the jokes and such, you can catch Andrea as a prisoner on "Orange is the New Black" acting either shocked or upset in the background. 

Chris Gersbeck is a graduate of Q.E.D.’s very first stand up comedy class. A resident of Astoria since 2006, Chris has been involved as a contributing writer, performer and producer for comedy podcast Cosmic Castoff and works as a DJ in various New York City bars as DJ Sally Jesse Raphael. He emits a high-pitched scream whenever he sees a slug on the sidewalk.