I am a designer, artist and builder working in a variety of media including wood, metal, glass, stone, snow, sand, concrete and yes, even pumpkin. I graduated from School of The  Arts in Rochester NY, in 2001. I enrolled as a 2D artist and graduated as a 3D major excelling in sculpture. I've had a long background in residential and industrial construction which has exposed a variety of mixed media that I now use throughout my design projects.

Halloween has always been my favorite holidays and over the last few years I have found myself caught up in the professional pumpkin carving scene. Working with the Maniac Pumpkin Carvers in Brooklyn, NY competing in annual carving contests and my most recent debut will be competing on a show call "Halloween Wars” this season for a chance to win $50,000. I never thought this seasonal fruit would become one of my life’s passions and I have been refining my craft over the last few years. I love to share my experience and teach others the delicate craft of this mystical fruit. 

Someone would be crazy to spend up to eight hours creating a masterpiece out of a medium that begins to rot as soon as you break the skin, but this is what adds to the excitement of the art!