• QED & Updates re: Coronavirus - COVID-19

    Updates with regard to Coronavirus will be added here. For a full description of our safety and hygiene practices, please click HERE.

    This week NYC entered Phase 2 which includes outdoor seating for restaurants and indoor retail.

    QED was approved for a temporary sidewalk and street seating license as part of NYC's Open Restaurants initiative for "Temporary Outdoor Dining Seating to Allow Social Distancing During COVID-19 Recovery".

    Private property is also allowed to be used without a permit which means we can use the QED backyard.

    That means, the show will go on. I repeat: THE SHOW WILL GO ON!

    Starting Friday, we'll have tables and chairs out front on the street and a couple on the sidewalk. So come inside to browse books and puzzles and games, grab a drink and sit outside to enjoy your new goodies.

    Saturday we'll have our first backyard show since about 2016, I think. It's kind of a funny story. I'll tell you later. But we stopped using the backyard around then. With the door by the stage, there was hardly a good time to use it. When it was open, no one ever went out there except private parties which always had kids that made me SUPER anxious, especially after I found out that I needed a special permit /license to use it. Now, with open streets, that doesn't apply so let's do it!

    I know we're all struggling in our own ways and frustrated with the state of things, but I think the city is doing a good job of trying to help small business owners eliminate a lot of bureaucracy nonsense to get us open safely for everyone. I got that special seating permit within 10 minutes and the application and regulations page was very simple, clearcut, to the point. EASY PEASY.

    Now, if we could just cancel rent and/or get insurance companies to pay on the business interruption claims because sh*t is DIRE. This little bit of business will help.

    * Do you have an outdoor portable amp that I can borrow or that you'd want to donate?

    * Do you have experience with sail shades? I need to cover the patio a bit to help with sun but also to give us a little more privacy from neighbors.

    * Spread the word in anyway you know how. We have a very nice selection of books that I'm growing each day as I'm reconfiguring the front café area. Plus puzzles which have been selling like HOTCAKES.

    * Come fall, I might add a cappuccino/espresso machine. Does anyone have experience with these that can recommend a good, affordable model? Doesn't have to produce a lot in an hour. Just want the option to expand coffee service.

    More on Open Restaurants:…/ht…/pedestrians/openrestaurants.shtml

    Thanks for hanging in there with me. I hope you're doing alright. Happy Father's Day to those dads out there and sending love to my friends who are missing theirs.


    UPDATE, APRIL 20, 2020
    QED is taking online orders now! Books, beer, wine, cider, Moleskines, snacks, QED merchandise and more! Check it out here:

    Orders will be available for pickup from QED on TUE, APR 28 from 10AM - 6pm. Free delivery for orders of $50+! Deliveries will be made TUE, APR 28 from 6:30PM - 10:30PM. If you qualify for a free delivery, please be sure to enter your cell number and any security issues in your notes/comments for your order. Email with any tech glitches or questions. 

    We'll likely add more dates/times available and, depending on how well this goes, we'll add merchandise as well. Got anything you really want to see? Tag us in comments @QEDAstoria or, better yet, send me an email to

    Thanks for your continued support!

    UPDATE, THU, MAR 26, 2020

    Hey, you. How're you feeling? We're closed as of March 16th indefinitely as per the City & Governor's mandate, so the calendar of programming has been taken offline. We will shout from the rooftops when that changes.

    Meanwhile, while you're safe inside, some QED teachers and producers will be streaming shows online. Some will broadcast directly from the QED Instagram account while others are doing their own thing. Follow us on Twitter where we'll share links and updates.

    If this magical little place has meant something to you over the past 5+ years, a small donation is the best and easiest way to ensure that we come out the other side. Every little bit helps!

    You can make donations on our website in increments starting at $5. 

    Or, if you prefer other payment methods, we accept PayPal & Chase QuickPay using the email address and Venmo as QEDAstoria.

    Wash your hands and take care of yourself and the ones you love. Together we're gonna get through this!

    See you after the pandemic.

    UPDATE, SAT, MAR 14, 2020
    Hello everyone.

    I've made the decision to temporarily close QED tonight through Wednesday and anticipate it's only a matter of time before we are ordered to do so. 

    Simply put, QED is my life. But I don't want to endanger the community I hold so dear. So for now, the responsible thing to do is to take a pause.

    No one knows what the future holds for small, 100% independent arts spaces. These are uncharted waters. But I know our odds of survival are much greater thanks to the amazing group of people who have made QED what it is. If you've ever seen a great show, taken a fun class, written a yelp review or even just stopped by to ask "What IS this place?", I want to THANK YOU. It is your enthusiasm that gives me faith that QED will get through this.

    Unfortunately, QED's monthly expenses are no joke, and that's without addressing the challenges facing our wonderful staff. I plan to continue making payroll for as long as possible, but that won't make up for tip money our bartenders will be losing. My insurance company has said they will not cover any of this, even if the government mandates ALL businesses close. (I posted their exact words on Twitter here:

    I am hopeful that QED will qualify for a small business employee retention grant (we're not a non-profit) and, of course, for some economic stimulus that might come in the months or weeks after. But in the short term we're already in a bind, as events have been cancelled and refund after refund has been issued.

    In short, QED could use your support. If this magical little place has meant something to you over the past 5+ years, a small donation is the best and easiest way to ensure that we come out the other side. Every little bit helps! You can donate is by going here:

    Thank you for being a part of my dream. Take care of yourself and the ones you love. See you soon.

    UPDATED 3/13 4:30PM

    QED remains open for shows with capacity cut by 50% (so, 37, if you're counting) as directed by the Governor of the State of New York. Open mics are canceled through 3/17 and will be TBD for 3/18 onward.
    I will do my best to keep our calendar current. Please use it as your guidepost instead of say, events on Eventbrite or FB. It's also where you can buy tickets without any additional fees! 
    As you know, this situation is in flux. In the coming days, it's likely that QED will temporarily suspend some or all shows. As you might imagine, this is a tough situation for a small, independently-owned arts space. 
    QED is determined to do whatever we can to mitigate the damage this (hopefully) temporary situation will cause to QED and our team. They, quite literally, make everything possible.
    We've long accepted donations via PayPal & Chase QuickPay using and Venmo at QEDAstoria for anyone who would like to chip in. If you support what we do at QED, if you've seen a great show or taken a fun class, please consider throwing a few dollars our way.
    100% of all donations received will be applied towards payroll expenses while QED remains in flux and shifts are cut.
    On the upside, we're planning to bring you some really fun live-streaming events, should this "social distancing" period extend more than a couple weeks. We're determined to make whatever lemonade we can out of these damn lemons! Details to come. I'm doing this entirely solo here so be patient with me!

    That's all for now. Thanks for being a part of the QED community, both physical and virtual. You'll be hearing from us soon, but in the mean time...WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS!
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