• Best Laid Plans...

    Hey, you. QED was approved for a temporary outdoor seating license due to COVID-19 and NYC's Open Restaurant initiative. So we're dusting off the back patio and hosting some shows!


    Our plans for the outdoor comedy fully adhered the Phase Four guidelines for low risk outdoor arts and entertainment venues. We were excited to bring an enjoyable, safe experience to a limited number of guests and share comedy in our private backyard. However, updates to the State Liquor Authority guidelines, among other things, prohibits comedy.

    I'm going to have to cancel all programming for now. I'm wracked with grief and stress as it is and this is just another kick while I'm down. I'm really sorry.

    The Governor and SLA are pretty inconsistent with their messaging --live music and trivia are somehow acceptable because (their words) the "patrons are seated"?-- so we're hoping for clarification soon. Thank you for understanding and I'm sorry to do this. I hope QED can survive long enough to try this again soon. Thanks again and viva comedy! Viva Queens!

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