• Open Mic Season

    Bruce got it at The Stone Pony, The Ramones got it at CBGB's, and Susan Boyle got it on Britian's Got Talent - everybody has to get their start somewhere. Yours could be at QED, if you've got the guts to get up on stage, that is. 

    And please don't start with the excuses, because they're all the same. 

    "I'm too nervous," "I don't know how," "What if I suck?" 

    Well, don't be, LEARN, and honestly? Yeah, you might. 

    But you'll get honest feedback, practice, and a rush for sure. 

    If the spotlight isn't your dig, don't fret; just come hang out. They're all free or cheap and we don't have minimums, though our food & drink is priced to please the wallet. Check out the full list of open mics below: 

    Bunk Bed Time

    When: Every Sunday. Signup is 6:30, mics go live at 7

    Cost: Free! 

    Come With: jokes, acoustic music, sketch comedy, etc. Here, the motto is: "(Almost) anything goes." So you can flirt with the line, just don't go over it. 

    *Pro Tip: Get here on time. Space is somewhat limited and spots fill up quickly.  

    When: Every Friday. Signup is at 4, mics go live at 4:30. 

    Cost: Free! 

    Come With: Jokes you want to test out. This is a prime time slot for comedians to work out the kinks in their act before heading to a Friday-night gig. 

    Fast Track 

    When: March 30th, April 28th, and more TBD. All starting at 7pm. 

    Cost: $5

    Come With: A 5-minute story to tell. After watching a few headliners perform, you'll feel inspired enough to get up there and give it a shot. Host David Lawson is a pro at producing storytelling mics, so he'll make you feel right at home. 

    No YOU Tell It! 

    When: March 31st at 7pm.  

    Cost: $5

    The Gist: The truth is easier told with someone else's tongue. During a NYTI show, you get on stage to perform a piece that someone else has written, and vise versa. Needless to say, it'll change the way you perceive your own story. 

    Come With: Well, this series requires some planning. Send a 1000-1500 word draft of your story to prior to the show. If you like what you see, check out the upcoming NYTI class. 

    Risk of Discovery Reading Series 

    When: April 21st at 6:30pm 

    Cost: Free!

    Come With: A poem that you're willing to share. Prior to the mic, there will be a 30-minute workshop to get the lyrical wheels turning in your brain. 

    Talk Therapy 

    When: April 9th at 7pm. 

    Cost: $5

    Come With: A 5-minute story that deals with mental health. Talk Therapy comes to QED the first Friday of every month, so if you're interested in becoming a featured storyteller next time, email 

    Stay tuned for announcements regarding all of our classes, shows and events by following us on Twitter and Facebook! 

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